I’m now a holistic nutrition and lifestyle coach who helps women in their late-30s and above get a better grip on their health, happiness and hormones.

While it was dad’s passing and my own health journey that prompted my career change, my inspiration for specialising in women’s health and the menopause transition years was my mother, Audrey.

In the late 1970s, she plucked my 12-year-old sister and I from a relatively comfortable life in South Yorkshire and decided to pre-empt Shirley Valentine by getting a divorce and moving to and making a life in Greece. (She still lives there to this day). The following years saw me grow up surrounded by strong women, Audrey, my sister, mum’s friends and with no strong male influence.

Fast forward to today and that tradition of strong women continues, I’m married to Laura, have twin girls Martha and Gracie, twin female cats, a not-twin female dog, mum, sister, three step sisters, three sisters in law, two mother-in-laws and countless female friends – plus 95% of my clients are women. I’m passionate that they all get to live in a world where gender health inequality is a thing of the past – and that fuels my desire to work in this space.

I’m excited to work with Pura as one of the leading names in collagen supplementation, both for the benefits it can bring to my female clients but also for my own personal health and fitness journey. I run ultramarathons and have competed in the world’s toughest footrace Spartathlon multiple times. As such, I’m looking forward to assessing the benefits of products such as flex+, protect and sleep on my rest and recovery which are super important to my continuing to compete.