Mulled wine with glow+

As the nights draw in and everything starts feeling a bit festive, a little tipple of mulled wine can be very appealing. How about adding your daily dose of collagen for a twist!

A bottle of your favourite red wine
Fresh oranges (peel to minimize bitterness)
Cinnamon (sticks or ground)
Spices (Whole cloves/Star anise/Cardamom pods)
Sweetener (Sugar/Maple syrup/Honey)
Glow+ (1-2 scoops)

Add all the ingredients (leave the glow+ for later) into a saucepan and give them a stir over medium-high heat, simmer the wine (avoid any bubbling)

Reduce heat to low and cover, allow wine to simmer for 15 minutes or up to 3 hours

Using a fine strainer, remove the oranges, cinnamon sticks, cloves and star anise

Stir in desired amount of additional sweetener plus your 1-2 scoops of glow+ and stir until dissolved

Serve in your favourite mugs topped with any garnish