Improving the menopause for all

Award winning collagen solutions company Pura Collagen is delighted to announce its partnership with GenM – the menopause partner for brands.

Pura is joining a collective of likeminded brands and companies all with one mission: to improve the menopause experience for all. Alongside Pura, GenM is partnered with over 50 brands including Marks & Spencer, Royal Mail and Vichy, and works to help organisations recognise and respond to the needs of the menopause, improving signposting to products and services, encouraging responsible workplace policies, and promoting accurate and inspiring marketing.

Uniting responsible and forward-thinking brands, GenM aims to help them better cater to the UK’s 15.5 million menopausal women, as well as trans and non-binary people in menopause, alongside their friends, family, work colleagues and employers, to stop them from feeling overlooked at this pivotal time.

GenM and Pura unite in the education and awareness of the 48 symptoms of the menopause including the lesser known symptoms like dry eyes, joint pain and loss of confidence and self esteem. Pura is already renowned for its passion for research and education. Each product created requires extensive clinical trials, with science backed claims forming the backbone of Pura’s ethos. Like GenM, Pura believes in encouraging transparency and openness around the subject of menopause, a subject that has sadly remained taboo for too many, for too long.

Pura encourages the use of collagen supplements to help women take back control through science,  unlocking the secret to a positive life. Pura offers the products to ease painful joints, to reduce the signs of ageing and to prevent sleepless nights, encouraging women to live healthier and happier.

Jennifer Mo, nutritional expert and founder of Pura Collagen, felt that there was a missing opportunity for science-led, natural solutions to menopausal symptoms. Jen wanted supplements that were clean and pure, yet had the clinical backing to prove success. This led to the development of her range.

Of the partnership, Jennifer Mo comments: “Menopause is currently affecting over 15.5 million women in the UK, which is one third of the female population. We are delighted to be working with GenM on breaking the taboos, encouraging visibility to these women and their symptoms and supporting them throughout. Pura Collagen was created as a solutions based collagen company and this is exactly what we aim to offer menopausal women; solutions.

Heather Jackson, co-founder of GenM also comments: “We’re thrilled to have Pura on board as a GenM Partner. We’re working for a world where everyone enters the menopause armed with the knowledge, understanding and support needed to make informed choices on how to manage ‘the change’ in way that best suits them. Brands have a clear role to play in this and through normalising the conversation, improving signposting to helpful products and spreading awareness, we are proud to be able to work with responsible companies like Pura to do just this.”

Pura Collagen creates core products targeting menopause and perimenopausal symptoms including thinning hair, altered skin, changes in skin texture, nail changes, painful joints, loss of bone density, fatigue, sleep issue and insomnia:

Pura Collagen Glow+

Offering anti-ageing beauty in just two scoops, the award winning collagen supplements deliver 10,000mg of scientific grade collagen peptides daily. Glow+ works to stimulate youthful skin from within, visibly reducing wrinkles and cellulite. Glow+ promotes strong, shiny hair, and improved nail strength and texture in as little as two weeks. The supplement’s unique blend contains no additives and unpronounceable ingredients.  Ingesting a specific bioactive collagen peptide supplement like Glow+ can reverse the natural process of ageing by increasing the production of protein components.

Pura Collagen Flex+

Described as the ultimate joint rejuvenator, Flex+ has been created for those who choose to invest in their health and fitness for life. Ideal for women suffering in menopause, Flex+ contains quality Bioactive Collagen Peptides® to boost the body’s natural collagen production, encouraging strength and mobility. With a daily dose of 10,000mg of scientific grade collagen peptides (5,000mg FORTIGEL® and 5,000mg TENDOFORTE®), Flex+ is expertly engineered to promote healthy joints and tendons. Reduced collagen can cause serious signs of ageing including joint pain, reduced bone density, muscle loss and osteoporosis.

Scientific studies have proven that supplementing a diet with high quality collagen peptides can trigger the body’s natural collagen production and promote cartilage regrowth. An award winning supplement, Flex+ is scientifically proven to work from the inside out.

Pura Collagen PROTECT

PROTECT is the first of its kind, a collagen immune product with Bioactive Collagen Peptides® IMMUPEPT™ that are backed by scientific research. Collagen-rich tissues are becoming increasingly recognised for their role in supporting a properly functioning immune system. PROTECT offers targeted support to promote immune system health, focusing on fatigue reduction and cognitive function through the inclusion of high strength vitamins and minerals. Natural ginger root extract promotes healthy immunity as it is antiviral and antibacterial and can combat inflammation. Blood orange is packed full of immune system-boosting vitamin C which can strengthen our immune systems by protecting cells and promoting the production and function of immune cells.

Pura Collagen SLEEP

Backed by science, SLEEP combines hydrolysed collagen peptides with 5-HTP and magnesium, plus additional active amino acids and minerals to help the body’s systems heal and repair as you sleep.

Key ingredient 5-HTP works to stimulate serotonin levels, helping you fall asleep quicker and sleep more deeply, for longer.

This is supported by magnesium, which activates the parasympathetic nervous system, the system responsible for getting you calm and relaxed. It can also regulate the hormone melatonin, which guides sleep-wake cycles in your body. By helping to quiet the nervous system, magnesium may help prepare your body and mind for sleep. Taking collagen at night allows for a number of natural restorative processes in the body to activate promoting natural collagen production for healthier hair, skin, nails and joints.