flex+ a must for injury prevention and workout recovery

My name is Rachel and I’ve been using Pura Collagen flex+ for roughly 7 months now, after they approached me via Instagram. I had heard that taking collagen could be beneficial for those with active lifestyles, but had not considered supplementing with it before.

I’m a full-time CrossFit coach at a box called CrossFit All Or Nothing as well as a qualified PT, On-call Firefighter and runner, as you can tell my lifestyle is very active and so it’s important I’m giving my body what it needs to be able to train to my full potential.

Since I’ve been including flex+ in my daily routine, I have noticed a great change in my recovery. The aches and pains I usually felt after a heavy training session were greatly reduced and I noticed my muscle soreness in the days that followed, were not as bad as they once were.

As well as aiding my post workout recovery, I have noticed that my hips and knees feel more flexible and are less painful, something I have suffered with for years.

Supplementing with collagen requires consistency to feel the benefits. That is why it’s so good that Pura’s flex+ can be easily slotted into your daily routine. It can be taken with anything!

My usual routine would be to add it into my morning coffee or smoothie, but I have even put it into foods, and it doesn’t affect the taste.

I would definitely recommend flex + as part of your daily routine if, like me, you lead an active lifestyle and can’t afford to be injured or feeling the effects of your own workouts!