Reach for the finish line...and beyond

My name is Amber and I am a runner, cyclist and swimmer (a triathlete if you like) and I’m devoted to improving my fitness every day to achieve the several marathon and triathlon goals I’ve set myself in 2022. Being a marketing professional by trade, I don’t think I would have come across collagen, or have the knowledge I have around it now, if Pura Collagen didn’t become a client at the agency I work for, and I am so glad they did! Not only have they changed my work life, they’ve changed my approach to my lifestyle.

Before Pura Collagen became a client, I truly did not understand what collagen did. I thought it was something celebrities obsessed over and was far too expensive – what good could it possibly do for me? Fast forward to present day and I am a convert. I, like most people, didn’t instantly believe that Pura could deliver on it’s promises (Interesting fact: Pura Collagen is the ONLY collagen company in the UK that can legally state the claims on their packaging as they are backed up by rigorously tested ingredients and proven clinical trials).

With my fitness routine being so varied – I had to make sure every muscle group in my body was prepared, whether it was for running, cycling, or swimming. With regular exercises came regular aches and pains and post-workout recovery was never as easy as I’d hoped. I was learning about Pura Collagen everyday, and decided its absolutely worth a try, (considering I had tried everything else, bath soaks, cold therapy, post-workout shakes etc.)

At this point, I was curious as to the science behind the product and how it gets to work in the body. I started taking Pura flex+ around September 2021. I put two scoops in my porridge, which I add banana, honey and sometimes a spoon of peanut butter to. It’s virtually tasteless, and now I’m so used to having it – I think it would be weird to not have a Pura breakfast. It fits right into my daily routine. Training for a half marathon at the time, I was feeling over trained, sore, and trying to ignore small aches and pains after my longer runs.

At first, like everyone, you want instant results – but understanding the product and how it worked – I knew I couldn’t expect an unrealistic miracle. So I gave it some time. After around 8 weeks of taking it every day, I noticed I felt fine the day after an intense speed session or longer mileage. I didn’t seem to groan or creak when getting out of bed either. I also noticed that a tendon issue I’d had in my foot for almost two years had completely gone. This was an injury that had me not able to wear any form of closed toe shoes when it first happened, and then I couldn’t wear heels for a good year after – that is a thing of past (although I was secretly pleased about the heels).

I am now 6 months into my #puralife journey and am a fully fledged #purafier, and no they don’t pay me to say it. I trialled this product, sceptical that it would help and have been amazed with the results. One of my physio’s (yes I needed more than one!) said I’m in the best shape he’s ever seen me (he meant injury wise of course). I now just see them for general maintenance and post-race massages. This year I am set to run an Ultra Marathon – that’s 30-ish miles. Best believe I’ll be sticking to flex+ to get me to that finish line and beyond. I cannot recommend it enough, particularly if you are into running, swimming and cycling. It keeps me on top of my training and feeling good in-between, leaving me ready for the next challenge I set myself – however ridiculous. I have also started taking glow+ and the results have been amazing with that too…but that’s another story. Will keep you posted.