The beginning

Join us as we follow Ginny on her journey with using both Pura Collagen’s flex+ and glow+ products. Ginny is a cancer survivor and finished chemotherapy around 5 years ago. Ginny

Since then she has been looking for the right supplements to help recover from some of the residual effects of her treatment and was introduced to Pura by a friend who thought it would really help.

Ginny is one of Pura’s first qualitative case studies using the products, the diary is in her own words and reflect her own findings.

The product has been gifted as part of Pura’s research programme to get real insights over a sustained period of time.

26th May 

I woke up tired this morning because the pain in my hip and knee kept waking me throughout the night. Today is day one of taking both collagen products and I am hoping fervently that Pura Collagen flex+, in time, will help with my joint pains.  I have been suffering with these pains since my radiation and chemotherapy. They make me feel tired and old.  I know I look older when I hobble.

Yesterday I took photos of my face without make up or moisturiser, not a pretty sight and I hope that Pura Collagen’s glow+ will help make me look a little younger. The chemotherapy ruined my nails, I lost my hair and although they have both grown back, they are thinner than they were before. My eyelashes used to be so thick and now they’re barely visible without mascara.  I have high hopes for both products.

Today I drank flex+ in orange squash and couldn’t taste it at all. I drank glow+ in my tea but think I will put it in coffee tomorrow as it has a mild taste, almost like coffee mate or powdered milk.

2nd June 

I have been taking both collagen products for a week now. I don’t see any difference in my wrinkles but I do see that the bags under my eyes have gone. At this point I don’t know whether this is just coincidence or whether it is glow+. The flex+ is not really supposed to show signs of working until 8 weeks and I hope it does as I’d love to be pain free.

9th June

Wow glow+ is magic! In the last two days I have been asked whether I had Botox and another friend also asked whether I had had my lips filled.


I took a photo of my crow’s feet before I started this and put it on Facebook with video live of my skin now and my friends are all getting excited. I literally cannot believe how much younger I look in three weeks.

11th June

I had to share this funny story, my friend Max called me and asked if he could use my family and friends discount code to get a subscription to glow+.

Me “Darling I’m really sorry, you are vegan, glow+ is made with fish collagen so I’m afraid you can’t use it”

Max “Darling when it comes to ageing, I am not vegan, what is your code?”

I’m still taking flex+ and haven’t really felt a difference yet, although some days the aches and pains are better than others. I’m not really expecting such a quick change as I was told it takes 6 to 8 weeks but I am really looking forward to it working and sleeping through the night without pain.

23rd June

I’ve been taking glow+ and flex+ for 4 weeks and I am loving the compliments. I look ten years younger, even if I do say so myself!

Before EyesAfter Eyes

I am generally taking glow+ in iced coffees and flex+ in juice or squash.  The flex has no taste at all and I am told in another 4 weeks I should feel a difference in my pains.  As for glow +, my lips look plumper as the tiny wrinkles all around have filled out; my crow’s feet have almost totally gone even when I’m smiling, my nails are harder and have stopped splitting which they have done since I finished chemo 5 years ago and my eyelashes are looking lovely and long.

Watch this space to follow Ginny’s progress with our products!