Be more self confident with glow+

It may be hard to believe that taking something like collagen every day, without it having contact with your skin, can make you look younger and feel more confident in yourself, but believe me when I say…it can!

I have always suffered with my skin from as long as I can remember. I think I was around 10 years old when my first pimple appeared front and centre on the top of my nose. From that point on, I tried every lotion and potion I could get my hands on (sorry Mom for having to foot the bill on that one) to try and keep the spots at bay. This would go on well into my teenage years and unfortunately my 20s.

Another not so great habit I picked up in my adolescent years was the desperate need to bake and tan at any given opportunity. Growing up on the West Coast, long days at the beach and getting that ideal California tan were all too important to me. Little did I know that this would have a knock-on effect to my skin later down the line!

In my 30s, I began to travel a lot for work and fully expected to wave goodbye to my adult acne as I became a globetrotting businesswoman – ready to take on the world! Alas, my skin had other ideas. The long-haul flights were second nature to me and I never thought to increase my moisturising routine, water intake or even the impact the flying had on my skin – madness looking back on it now. I would just reapply concealer repeatedly – after all, you never know who you can meet on a plane.

The story continues much the same, I became a mum, still had spots, my children grew, more spots, I headed into perimenopause, more spots and now the odd chin hair…deep joy. By my 40s I wondered when I would be allowed the gift of clear, glowing skin. I must have purchased every La Mer product under the damaging sun, tried skin diets, bought all the right vitamins and yet why? Why wasn’t it working? Was I going to be the only grey-haired woman sharing zit cream with her teen daughters?

At the start of the second lock down, I had religiously started taking VERISOL® | GELITA as a raw material for about 8 weeks whilst the team and I developed glow+, our lockdown baby. Something amazing started to happen in that time. I distinctly remember looking in the mirror one day and seeing clear, dewy looking skin, free of spots and uneven skin tone. Fast forward a few more weeks and my fine lines appeared reduced, my hair and nails were also healthier and stronger. I can actually leave the house without feeling like I have to slap on a full face of makeup just to put the bins out! It has truly boosted my self confidence in ways I couldn’t imagine and all from just 2 scoops a day.

Now, 8 months in and my #puralife journey is just a normal part of my daily routine. Glow+ is a staple, not a supplement. Its as important as my exercise, water intake and sunscreen (I finally cottoned on to that). Its not just about looking beautiful, its about having the knowledge and recognition that self-care is the ultimate confidence booster. As my idol Ru Paul says, ‘If you don’t love yourself, how in the hell you gonna love somebody else? Can I get an Amen?’ Amen.