Helen shares her flex+ story

My name is Helen Fowden I am 60 yrs old and live in the Isle of Man.


I had knee surgery six years ago. It was a partial knee replacement as I was told I was too young for a new knee. Everything was OK for about a year, then it started to get uncomfortable, and I had terrible jumping legs. This was very frustrating as I enjoyed keeping fit. I especially love walking as we have beautiful scenery in the Isle of Man.

I struggled on for years, trying to remain active where I could but my knee would swell up and be very painful. I couldn’t do anything for it, apart from take regular pain killers, which isn’t good.

I had heard about collagen and how it could possibly help my knees, so started to look into it and did rather a lot of research, but every site I came across was either very expensive or wouldn’t ship to the Isle of Man.

Then I came across Pura Collagen and their flex+ product.

All I can say is wow, this changed my life. Honestly, it really did! I was very sceptical as I didn’t think I would ever be pain free or even be able to wear heels again.

I contacted Pura Collagen and spoke to a lovely young man as I couldn’t seem to order flex+ to be delivered to IOM. He changed something on the system and then was so kind he gave me 10% off my first order.

I figured I had nothing to lose trying out collagen for the first time, my parcel arrived very quickly and I was excited to see if this would work.

I have it in my coffee very morning and it took about four weeks to see the biggest difference. I would say after just two weeks the swelling in my knees was a lot less, so I ordered another one and kept it up.

The difference is absolutely amazing, I have since ordered four more tubs as I just don’t want to run out! This product is a life changer. I firmly believe it cannot be anything else as I have not changed anything I do.

As well as being able to go back to my boot camps, in June I took part in our Parish Walk. It is 85 miles over 24 hours touching parish church gates up and down the route. There are also some difficult hills. I had been training since March for this event but didn’t think I would get very far, however I carried on with training alongside my Pura Collagen consumption, in the hopes that I would at least get further that I originally though.

To my delight I completed 42 miles in 10 hours. It was so emotional as it was my Parish Church that I stopped at. By this point my knee was starting to get a little tight and I always said that I wouldn’t put my knee at risk, so thought it best to stop my walk there. I expected to be a bit sore over the next few days but I have to say the recovery was amazing I was back to normal within 48hrs!

I have already said I am going to enter the walk again next year, and my walking has carried on.

I am so pleased that I stumbled across Pura Collagen and I will never look back.

Thank you doesn’t sound enough.