The Different Types of Pura Collagen, Explained

The Different Types of Pura Collagen, Explained

What do collagen peptides do?

When water is removed from the equation, collagen makes up 70-80% of what’s left in the skin. Unfortunately, our natural levels begin to decline from as soon as our early 20s. Taking a collagen supplement can help to slow this process down, but at Pura Collagen, we go one step further.

Our award-winning collagen supplements raise your natural collagen levels to keep you looking and feeling the healthiest version of yourself. Not only that, but we use a specific, patented Bioactive Collagen Peptide® in each of our products. Why? With so many different uses for collagen, we want each of our collagen powders to target a different part of the body. Because of this, you can use Pura to construct the collagen routine that works best for you and your body. Whether you choose one, or decide to take them all!

Laboratory trials have proven that Bioactive Collagen Peptides® are more effective than generalised collagen found in other products available on the market. That’s why at Pura Collagen, we work with five different Bioactive Collagen Peptides®, each of which is the star of a different product.

So, let’s explore the different types of collagen, and why we choose to include them in our collagen powders the way that we do. These are collagen types, explained.
For a more comprehensive understanding of collagen at its most detailed level before getting into the comparisons, have a look at our sister blog post, ‘What is Collagen and How Does it Work?.


VERISOL® is the Bioactive Collagen Peptide® that we use in our best-selling product, glow+. This specific type of collagen is created with skin elasticity in mind, promoting noticeably firmer and smoother skin after just a few weeks.
VERISOL® counteracts the loss of collagen from within by stimulating skin metabolism. This results in an anti-ageing effect, as well as improved growth and strength of nails and hair.

VERISOL® specifically targets the epidermal layer of the skin, rather than distributing itself to tendons, the immune system, or other areas that also use collagen to strengthen themselves. Glow+ is specifically designed to target your hair, skin, and nails, so by only using VERISOL® as this product’s collagen source, we can ensure that you’re getting 100% of the collagen you want where you want it.

By taking VERISOL® orally through our collagen powder, the collagen can target the full dermis, rather than just the outer layer, which is all that most externally applied collagen creams and products can achieve.
For a more comprehensive breakdown of VERISOL’s effect on the body, have a look at some clinical trials in our blogs, The Science Behind Glow+: Skin and Wrinkles and The Science Behind Glow+: Nails and Cellulite.


Just as VERISOL® only targets hair, skin and nails, FORTIGEL® specifically works towards targeting to collagen in your joints, tendons, and connective tissue, making these specific parts of your body stronger and healthier. This makes it perfect for those prone to sport-related injury, but also those who have come into conditions like arthritis.

That’s why we use FORTIGEL® in Flex+. In fact, it’s FORTIGEL® collagen that’s so good for arthritis. When ingested orally, FORTIGEL® promotes the growth of new cartilage, the thinning of which is the main cause of pain in arthritis. By using FORTIGEL®, flex+ encourages the natural support system in your body around your joints and tendons, helping reduce joint-related pain, and improve mobility and flexibility.


TENDOFORE® works exceptionally well alongside FORTIGEL®, which is why we pair them together in flex+. TENDOFORTE® helps strengthen ligaments and tendons, making it the perfect boost to the work FORTIGEL® already does in flex+.


The collagen in TENDOFORTE® gives your ligaments and tendons the elasticity they need to better your physical condition. It’s excellent for injury recovery, and has been proven to be especially effective when taken alongside exercise. Fibroblasts have been proven to produce significantly more tissue matrix, including an increase in elastin of 50%, when exposed to TENDOFORTE® Bioactive Collagen Peptides®.


IMMPEPT® is created with the intention of optimising the immune system. To do so, it targets the skin, ECM (extracellular matrix, which acts as a structural support to nearby cells), and bone marrow.

This particular form of Bioactive Collagen Peptide® shows strong potential in a number of areas. It could reduce pro-inflammatory cytokines (cell secretions in the immune system), reduce enzymes that corrupt the ECM, and reduce the number of free radicals in your system, thereby reducing your likelihood of oxidative stress.

Protect is a Pura Collagen product in which IMMUPEPT® is the star. But it doesn’t stop at the immune system; Protect also includes ingredients like zinc, iron and vitamin C to reduce fatigue and improve cognitive function.


Collagen makes up about one third of the total protein in our bodies, so it’s no surprise that it’s one of the best collagen types for protein powders. Rather, PEPTIPLUS® in particular is the hydrolysed collagen peptide for an all-round approach to improvement.
PEPTIPLUS® does more than just provide a good night’s sleep. As with other collagen sources, PEPTIPLUS® has the ability to promote healthier hair, skin, nails, and joints thanks to its hydrolysed collagen peptides.
That’s why PEPTIPLUS® is perfect in Sleep; it helps you wake up feeling well rested, while also increasing the elasticity of your skin, strength of your connective tissues, and more while you’re asleep.
We combine PEPTIPLUS® with other ingredients such as L-Glycine to calm the nervous system, and magnesium to regulate melatonin. Together, they make the ideal combination for the perfect sleep.

Join the Collageneration

With collagen being such an abundant part of the body, we at Pura Collagen recognise its different roles and design targeted products for each one with the help of our in-house nutritionists and scientists.
From skin to within, we offer a range of targeted powders for the different uses of collagen, so you can design the perfect collagen routine for you and your body. Get started today by having a look at our selection of collagen peptide powders.