Pura turns one!

Pura turns one!

Pura Collagen is a British collagen solutions company. The proven effectiveness of specific collagen supplementation has long been a secret of elite athletes and beauty mavens, but we are all in need of precise collagen stimulation. The human body produces collagen, its the structure of our bodies, the most abundant protein in the body and the one we start losing the effectiveness to produce from our mid-twenties. By our 40's we've lost 1/3 and considering that collagen makes up about 80% of our biggest organ, the skin, the loss of production is evident, literally.

We were thrilled to see the category start to emerge, but then shocked when the science behind specific peptide supplementation was ignored. Like a lot of emerging health trends, 'big collagen' followed, making the headline grabbing claims and ignoring the quality, dose and format that those claims are based upon. We decided this had to stop - cue up a lot of tutting, huffing and firm arm crossing. Every solutions-driven formula we create is backed by patented bioactive collagen peptides® and our label claims are EFSA approved. Pura products deliver on potency and purity and as far as we're aware (okay we've looked into this extensively) we are the only British collagen brand backing the effectiveness of our products with scientific, time driven results.

We launched the brand in March of 2021 with 2 foundation products; Pura Collagen glow+ which is a targeted support product aimed to improve the quality of hair, skin and nails. We use a marine sourced, patented bioactive collagen peptide called Verisol® which has been proven to deliver improved results in those areas in 4-6 weeks. But its not just about looking good (no really), its about feeling good too, so we simultaneously developed flex+, a double patent peptide blend to target the white tissues of the body; your fascia, tendons, ligaments and cartilage to name a few. The team should really get our favourite saying tattooed - 'your next workout is only as good as your last recovery' - and this is exactly what flex+ aids with. We want to keep you moving well and pain free, whether that's due a recovering injury or from general wear and tear.

But we didn't stop there, who needs rest when you've got science playing on your mind? As soon as glow+ & flex+ were comfortably in retail play we went back to the lab and brought out the next 2 products in our portfolio; protect & sleep. Protect is a ground-breaking, immunity boosting powder blend that utilises the patented peptide Immupept® which targets key properties of a healthy immune system - strong barrier levels (the epidermal structure) and immune response T cells generated from the bone marrow. Protect is then blended with all natural flavours of blood orange and ginger root extract and delivers high potency vitamins C&D and zinc.

One of the key components to health and wellbeing is sleep - we all love it and a lot of us don't get enough of it or at the quality we need. Well guess what, we've got a collagen solution for that too and its delicious! Arguably one of the most challenging products we ever blended, Pura Collagen Sleep eluded us (pun intended) for some time because well, we're science geeks and we wanted a powdered format of powerful ingredients and we wanted it to taste like an indulgent hot chocolate dream. Turns out, that's pretty hard to do and EVERYONE has an opinion when it comes to chocolate, but we did and and we're damn proud of it too. Sleep delivers on taste and quality and having a mug of it before bed is like a warm hug that tucks you in for the best night's sleep ever.

Our first year has been a whirlwind and we are so happy so many of you have shared your #puralife journey with us! Stick with us and keep your hands and feet in the ride, our innovation pipeline overflowth and we have much more collagen magic to show the world.

Jen & Rob x