How to get a better sleep on your period, by a sleep expert

How to get a better sleep on your period, by a sleep expert

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The hormone changes we experience during our period can impact our physical wellbeing, making it increasingly difficult to get a good night’s sleep.

Katherine Hall, sleep-expert at Somnus Therapy, has partnered with Pura Collagen to share her top tips on how to get a better sleep on your period.

How does you period affect your sleep?

Katherine explains how your time of the month may affect your sleep. She says,

“There are a few reasons as to why your monthly bleed might impact your sleep. Hormones will rise and fall continuously throughout your menstrual cycle, progesterone in particular will dip before your period, and then rise again after your time of the month. This dip can be responsible for disrupting your sleep pattern, making it harder to sleep.

Additionally, your body temperature typically increases around your time of the month. This can result in flushes, making it harder to drift off to sleep. Other symptoms such as cramping and headaches can also hinder a good night’s sleep, it is therefore crucial to find some relief and discover a routine that works for you”.

Katherine shares her 4 top tips to ensure you get a better night’s sleep during your period:

#1 Regulate your body temperature

“As previously mentioned, your period can increase your body temperature which can result in an uncomfortable night’s sleep. I would recommend keeping the blinds down and your window slightly open for a gentle breeze. Changing your sheets can also help, and if you are experiencing a particularly hot flush, keep a wet flannel by the side of your bed so you can dab it on your forehead to regulate your body temperature.”.

#2 Exercise and yoga

“Exercise and yoga are perfect for easing both the physical and mental anguish that your period can bring. Light exercise will relax the muscles that are causing you cramps, as well as relax the mind and rid you of any anxiety you may be experiencing. The endorphins released will boost your overall mood and leave you more comfortable, ready for a good night’s sleep”.

#3 Find a sleeping position that works for you

“Finding a sleeping position that works for you is an essential part of ensuring that you get a good night’s kip during your period. Evidence has shown the fetal position to be effective when on your period as it focuses on relieving any tension from the abdominal muscles which may be causing cramps. It may also be worth placing a pillow under your knees as this can once again relax some of the muscles which are causing you grief”.

#4 Supplements and remedies

“When it is that time of the month, it can be hard to relax and get off to sleep. Sometimes it can be helpful to relax the senses with scents such as lavender, which has been proven to ease anxiety and reduce restlessness. Supplements are also an avenue to explore, Pura Collagen’s sleep powder helps to calm the central nervous system and stimulate serotonin levels, helping you sleep quicker, deeper and longer”.

Katherine concludes,

“Your period can be daunting and stressful enough, without having to worry about your quality of sleep. It is therefore paramount to be aware of simple but effective ways to ensure that you get a better night’s sleep, all throughout your menstrual cycle”.

For a better night’s sleep, Pura Collagen’s sleep calms the nervous system to help you relax and fall asleep, as well regulates melatonin; the hormone that controls the body’s sleep cycle.