Glow+ collagen powder: no flavour, all punch!

Glow+ collagen powder: no flavour, all punch!

By Helen Reynolds

As my thumbnail split down to the quick once again, I winced. My nails had always been brittle. But they were splitting and breaking even more since the perimenopause had kicked in. I was sick of wrapping my nails in plasters to protect them as they healed. Surely there must be something that could help?

My Pura journey

I’m 49, and started taking Pura’s Flex+ collagen supplement in 2020. You can read more in this blog about how it significantly reduced my joint pain. [open link in new window to ] As I follow Pura on social media, I knew their Glow+ blend for skin, nails and hair had won at the Hip and Healthy Beauty Awards. I’d also clocked that the collagen used in Glow+ could decrease chipped/cracked nails by 42% in 6 months.

Looking at my plastered thumb as I scrolled my phone, I decided to give it a go.

Mixing Glow+ into my day

I was already mixing Flex+ into oat milk to be poured on cereals. But was a little concerned that adding Glow+ scoops on top of the Flex+ would be too much for the milk to absorb. For context, I use about half a mug of milk. But it was absolutely fine.

Top tip: use a fork, not a spoon, to mix in the collagen powder for the smoothest results.

Morning routine: I love the look of the canisters in my kitchen!

Glow+ results after 8 weeks

Apparently results can start to occur between 2-3 weeks of first taking Glow+ collagen powder. VERISOL®, the collagen used in Glow+, ‘typically takes at least 4 -12 weeks’ according to the website. I’m sharing my thoughts after using it for two months.

Stronger nails

Some Googling revealed that fingernails only grow 3.5 millimetres a month. It can take up to 6 months to grow a full nail. [open link in new window to ] So my expectations were low!

But, after 8 weeks of taking Glow+, my nails are definitely stronger. My thumbnails haven’t split vertically for weeks. My cuticles are less ragged. And nail edges are more uniform.

I forgot to take a photo of my nails, but they were pretty ragged with soil embedded in them, as I’d just been gardening. Here is the After pic:

Fuller hair

My hair is very fine, has filled out and appears fuller.

Less hair loss

Or, as some shampoo brands are calling it, ‘hair fall’. Which always makes me think of a Bond movie! Anyway, cleaning the shower has been easier as there have been fewer random strands. I’ve also had less hair to remove fewer stray hairs from clothes and hairbrushes.

Longer eyelashes

It’s hard to see my natural eyelashes as they’re blonde. But when I add mascara, I’m sure they’re a little longer.

Shallower wrinkles

I’ve been lucky enough to inherit mainly problem-free skin. But in my mid-forties, a forehead crease between my eyebrows had taken root. And in the last year or so, thin puckering lines have started to form above my top lip. Both have improved since taking Glow+.

Clearer skin

Since perimenopause started three years ago, tiny whiteheads had periodically appeared on my cheeks, forehead and chin. Thanks hormone fluctuations! But using Glow+ seems to have banished them.

Sun damage less visible

In the summer, extra pigmentation which looks like freckles, appear at the top of my cheeks, just under where sunglasses end. They’ve been less noticeable in the last two months.

Faster healing

Some new sandals ripped up my heels, but the blisters healed far more quickly than normal.

Dry skin begone!

Although my skin is pretty good, I’ve always had to moisturise my elbows. But I haven’t had to do this for at least a month. The skin on the back of my hands also looks firmer.

Before and after – face and hair

Before I started, I took a selfie in the morning, at about 11am. I repeated this eight weeks later. In both photos, I’m not wearing any make-up and my hair was washed the day before. This was to avoid blow drying skewing any results.

The verdict

I’ve been really impressed with what Glow+ has achieved in just 8 weeks. There’s also a feeling of something more permanent happening to my skin, nails and hair– a strength? An added resilience? The French saying ‘Etre bien dans sa peau’ comes to mind – being comfortable in your own skin. Whatever it is, merci Glow+ for your help!