Pura Fudge

Pura Fudge


Pura Fudge 🍬


Makes 12 squares

397g condensed milk
150ml milk
115g butter
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1) Place all ingredients into non-stick pan and melt over a low heat, constantly stirring until the sugar dissolves.
2) Bring to a boil for 10-15 minutes. Make sure to mix continuously making sure to scrape the base of the pan to stop the mixture from catching.
3) Remove the mixture from the heat and leave to cool for 5 minutes.
4) Beat the mixture until it loses it’s shine and becomes very thick and comes away from the sides. The more to beat it the more crumbly the final fudge will be.
5) Pressed into the prepared tin with the back of the spoon and leave to set before cutting into squares.