Why did we create Pura Collagen?

Collagen is so much more than just a business to our founders and scientists here at Pura Collagen. Our founders, Jen and Rob, built Pura from a shared passion for health and fitness, which stemmed from each of them using collagen in their own lives and falling in love with the effects it had on their bodies post-injury.

Your natural collagen levels begin to deplete when you hit your early 20s. Taking collagen supplements stimulates your body’s natural collagen production, making it easier for your body to heal and strengthen itself. With this in mind, we identified that no other brand was producing targeted collagen for specific results, and that’s how Pura Collagen was born.


How is Pura Collagen different?

We use Bioactive Collagen Peptides® that are hydrolysed and then put through a further enzymatic process to create our specific peptides that deliver targeted results. Instead of creating general collagen blends, our products are separated into different types of collagen peptides so only the places in your body that you want targeted actually get targeted with each spoonful.

We also only include necessary ingredients so that each of our blends produce the best results. All of our Bioactive Collagen Peptides® are scientifically tested and patented and then blended with other respectfully sourced ingredients. No additives, no bulk, just pure, targeted collagen.

We know that stress, injuries, and ageing are inevitable – what matters is how we manage them. Taking collagen fits in easily with your day-to-day routine – whether you mix it into your morning coffee or bake it into a weekend treat. This makes it easier than ever to keep your collagen levels high and your body healthy and happy.

See how our products work!

Safe. Scientific. Successful.


No nasty stuff

Our blends use raw ingredients from respected sources and are full of essential high-quality collagen with no cheap fillers, sweeteners, colourants or additives. Pure and simple.


Everyone's invited

We keep our blends affordable because we believe that great collagen support should be accessible to everyone, not just pro-athletes and celebrities.


Honest and upfront

We’re crystal clear about where all of our collagen blends come from and what they do. You won’t find any pseudo-science, inflated claims or misinformation here.


Nerdy but nice

Hands up, we’re science obsessed! Pura sources ingredients from the only European collagen provider that conducts extensive clinical trials to understand, prove and patent the power of each collagen peptide that we use.

Our awards

Women in Business Award Hip and Healthy Wellness Awards Hip and Healthy Beauty Awards Winner 2022 Pure Beauty Global Awards Finalist 2022 Health and Wellbeing Awards 2022 Finalist Nutra Ingredients Awards Finalist